Predator: Hunting Grounds crossplay invites are finally coming four months later

Predator: Hunting Grounds crossplay invites have been quite a sticky topic for the flawed, but interesting asymmetrical multiplayer game. Illfonic had originally stated the feature would be there at launch, only to not come through and then stay silent about its absence for weeks. Regardless of the problems surrounding it, the game’s next update will finally be adding in crossplay parties, allowing friends on the Epic Store and PS4 to hunt (or be hunted) together.

Illfonic announced on the PlayStation Blog that this anticipated feature would be a part of the August update coming on August 28. In it, Illfonic CEO Charles Brungardt noted that the crossplay invites had taken longer than the developer originally planned, but did not go into detail explaining why it took a few extra months.

“While we had hoped this would be in at launch, we are thrilled to make it happen now,” said Brungardt. “We want to thank the community for their patience and support while we waded through the technical needs to make this happen.”

PS4 and Epic Store owners have been able to play with each other at launch, but not in parties. This essentially meant you could only play against and with random players, which isn’t ideal for a team-based multiplayer game like this.

Fans have obsessively been tweeting at Illfonic and posting on the game’s forums and subreddit asking for and about crossplay parties since the game’s release in April. While it is not uncommon for players to beg developers for certain features, it gets a little understandable given how Illfonic had said crossplay parties would be in the game at its launch in April. It wasn’t and it took over a month for the developer to even respond to inquiring players.

Predator: Hunting Grounds crossplay invites are finally coming four months later

The update will also unlock the Classic Combistick and Wrist Launcher from the premium City Hunter Predator that came out last month. It’ll also add in a new assault rifle, anti-cloaking grenade, UAV scanner, and a self-review syrette. Three new Predator masks, a ballistic mask for the Fireteam, and some tints and shaders will also also be thrown into the pool of items players can earn in Field Lockers, this game’s loot box equivalent (that you can’t pay real money for).

Illfonic also laid ground for the future as well. While it didn’t get specific, the game will be getting a new map (which you can see in the above teaser pic) and mode in next month’s update for free. The team will also be revealing the next premium piece of DLC next week, whatever that may be. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch is already in the game so fingers crossed that it’s Danny Glover or Carl Weathers.