Predator: Hunting Grounds update adds Valkyrie Predator and big customization tools

A new Predator: Hunting Grounds update has been released today, February 16, 2021. Developer IllFonic has revealed the update includes custom private modes for Clash and Hunt, the Valkyrie Predator, and early access to new Predator weapons including the Norse Hammer.

The Valkyrie Predator is a brand new character added to the game, offering a huge and heavy-hitting hammer attack to take down human players. While this is paid DLC, there have been a number of free additions to the game, too, including custom private matches that allow players to tinker with the game’s Clash and Hunt modes extensively.

Predator: Hunting Grounds 2.14 update patch notes

predator hunting grounds update 2.14 patch notes

Paid DLC

  • New playable Predator – Valkyrie
  • Early Access to the new Predator weapon – Norse Hammer

Free update

  • Custom private matches
  • B34S-T Rocket Launcher is now available at Level 24
  • New unlockable predator masks available
    • Wretch
    • Haze
    • Rival


  • Fixed an issue where the host would always be selected as a predator in a private match if everyone selected the team “?”
  • Added an option to disable the HUD during the game via the options menu
  • Fixed an exploit spot in Overgrowth
  • Reduced the amount of dead AI bodies remaining on the map


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where members of the Fireteam could not spot Veritanium
    • Cycling gear now skips the gear that has no uses left
    • Fixed an issue where players might be unable to sprint with their knife out if their primary and secondary weapons were empty
    • Fixed an issue where reinforcements would appear to be available when there were no uses left
    • Fixed an issue where Overseer specialization could cause a downed Fireteam member to accidentally exit the downed state.
    • Fixed an issue where the OWLF control head would stretch across the map when the Predator quick claimed it
  • Weapons
    • Plasma Rifle Prototype
      • Added 3 new shaders for Plasma Rifle Prototypes
        • Schism
        • Breakdown
        • Force
      • Fixed an issue where the 6x scope would sometimes disappear while aiming down sight
      • Fixed an issue where force feedback on Plasma Rifle Prototypes would not work
  • B34S-T Rocket Launcher
    • Fixed an issue where the 6x scope rangefinder numbers were sideways when ADSing on B34S-T Rocket Launcher
  • OWLF Pitbull
    • Fixed an issue where magazines were not removed during reload animation
  • Specializations
    • Field Medic
      • Field Medic has reduced the amount of health it provides to resurrected players


  • General
    • Increased armor for all Predators
    • Fixed an issue where ADS activation did not override melee attacks
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Predator to lose input if the player claims while sprinting
    • Fixed an issue where Elder Predator’s skin pattern was only applied to the head
    • Fixed an issue where equipping the Samurai mask shader “Azure” would cause warpaints to not apply
    • Fixed an issue with the Vanadium shader not applying properly to the Immortal mask
  • Weapons
    • Battle Axe
      • Added bleed effect to alternative attacks
    • Combistick
      • Fixed an issue where throwing a Combistick while crouching would show two Combisticks
    • Net gun
      • Fixed an issue where net guns could get stuck in your net if a Fireteam member was put on the net the moment they were strengthened.
  • Equipment
    • Beartrap
      • Fixed an issue where the beartrap would not disappear after disarmament if the beartrap defeated the player
  • Benefits
    • Trapper
  • Fixed an issue where trapper perks only apply the first time you net a fireteam player

In other news, for those looking to play Predator: Hunting Grounds’ PvP, a new Xbox wireless headset has added an auto-mute option to prevent those embarrassing moments. Another popular multiplayer game, Valheim, also recently received its 2021 roadmap.