You Might Actually Be Able to Find a Switch In-Store Soon as Nintendo Increases Production

Four months out from launch the Nintendo Switch is still in hot demand. Consoles are being flipped on sites like eBay and Craigslist for a profit as many unlucky consumers find themselves unable to find one in stores.

Nintendo has admitted that it underestimated the demand of the console prior to launch, resulting in lower quantity than what it would have needed to meet its surge of popularity. Though, it’s been taking steps during the past few weeks to remedy the issue.

During an interview with Le Monde, Nintendo GM Shinya Takahashi shared good news for consumers having difficulty finding a Switch to add to their collection:

We were able to improve our production line, which means that we will be able to deliver more consoles for the period that is opening up.

It is unclear how significant of an increase this will be, but at this point even a small addition could make a big difference.

The big question at this point is how Nintendo will handle production for the holiday season. With Super Mario Odyssey scheduled for the period, and what is sure to be a significant marketing campaign to coincide with Black Friday and Christmas, demand could reach record levels. If it isn’t able to meet demand now, things could become much worse once the premier season of gaming console sales turns the corner.

During the year of the Nintendo Wii’s launch, which enjoyed comparable sales figures, consumers suffered tragically during holiday season as consoles were flipped were double or even triple MSRP.

The Switch is currently projected by Nintendo to sell 13 million units during its first year. At this point, only roughly four million consoles have been sold, leaving plenty of room for the next eight months.