Logitech to Purchase ASTRO Gaming, Leader in Console Audio Equipment, for $85M

Logitech, a company internationally known as a leader in electronic peripherals, has just became even more of a powerhouse in that department, announcing plans to acquire ASTRO Gaming, the award-winning producer of console headsets. The purchase will set Logitech back $85 million once the deal closes in early August, the company expects.

You may recognize ASTRO Gaming from its A40 and A50 pro gaming headsets, and just introduced an A10. The ASTRO Gaming headsets will be integrated as a brand of Logitech’s “Logitech G” line, a gaming-specific line of electronic products. Logitech G already has headsets, keyboards, mice, mousepads and a host of other gaming-related products.

“We’re excited about this acquisition, as it will help accelerate the expansion of Logitech G’s existing PC gaming gear into the console gaming space,” Logitech announced in an email to GameRevolution.

While the price point is seemingly steep, Logitech projects this to grow their company significantly during the 2018 fiscal year.