Titanfall 2 Announces Four-Player PvE Mode, Frontier Defense

Titanfall 2 really is the gift that keeps on giving, yet another shining example of free post-launch content, bucking traditional DLC models in favor of the consumer. While many of us didn’t bother rewarding that commitment with an actual purchase, that’s beside the point. Today, EA showed us that they aren’t done with Titanfall 2 just yet.

In an announcement today, EA showcased the new Titanfall 2 mode called “Frontier Defense.” This is Titanfall 2‘s first four-player co-op PvE mode, that pits four players against hordes of enemies while you defend one Harvester.

This update also includes new cosmetic items, including those that give experience boosts to you and your teammates, and a new remastered map from the original game. This also includes a brand new Live Fire Map, the game mode with five one-minute rounds of an elimination/capture-the-flag hybrid game mode.

The Frontier Shield update for Titanfall 2 will go live next Tuesday, July 25.