The Rarest Game in the World Just Sold for $42,000

When it comes to rare games, few are as desirable among collectors as Stadium Events. Released in 1986 as an officially licensed product of Nintendo but published by Bandai, it experienced a mass recall within days of release. By then, only around 200 people had the game in their hands. Little did they know they would have a relic in their hands once Nintendo d cided to bought the rights to the game and rebranded it to World Class Track Meet two years later.

Stadium Events has since become a well-known game among collectors, selling for up to $35,000 at auction. In-fact, it’s considered one of the three rarest games in history, as few have had the luxury of limited production and a big name behind them.

Today a private deal was made between an unknown buyer and the owner of a sealed copy of Stadium Events. Assessed at an 85+ grade out of 100, the copy is among the most pristine in existence.

In 2013 an unsealed copy was unknowingly purchased in a flea market for $7.99, later finding out that it was valued at over $12,000. The story made headlines, prompting widespread discussion and later an ESPN analysis of the game’s history.

Interestingly enough, all three of the highest valued games were for the NES, including Nintendo World Championships and Nintendo Campus Challenge.

[Via: Kotaku]

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