PUBG Surpasses 5 Million Units Sold, Holds Position As Best-Selling Game of 2017

Earlier this year PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds achieved a position of the best-selling game of 2017. At over four million units sold in three months of Early Access, it entered the market with incredible pacing. Now, as it nears its official release it continues to rank as a best-seller on Steam.

SteamSpy data shows that PUBG surpassed five million copies sold this week. This data, which was pulled from the Steam Store, suggests that it’s accumulated a total of 5.09 million copies, with a standard deviation that puts it over the five million mark with 99.9% certainty.

This secures the massively multiplayer survival title’s reputation as the best-selling game of the year, surpassing titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn at 3.5 million~, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at 3.3 million~, and Resident Evil 7 at 3.7 million~.

PUBG is the third game developed by South Korean studio Bluehole, Inc. In the game, dozens of players are dropped into a free-for-all survival environment, tasked with scavenging for weaponry and goods while defending themselves against other players.

Later this year PUBG will release on Xbox One as a timed exclusive with 4K support. Bluehole, Inc. is expecting a surge of sales as a result of the release, which will fall around the same time as its official PC debut. A PS4 version may arrive next year.