Overcooked Special Edition Coming to the Switch July 27th

If you’re a Nintendo Switch player who is having too much fun playing Splatoon 2 and really enjoying your time with friends, Team 17 has the game that’s going to change all of that. A grueling, co-operative experience that came out last year, dazzling reviewers and exciting players (not to mention destroying friendships), Overcooked now has a Switch release date, and it’s later this week on July 27th, 2017. See the release date teaser below:

We’ve known Overcooked was coming to the Switch for quite some time, after the developers announced it earlier this year in advance of the Nintendo Switch’s March console launch, but we didn’t have any inkling as to a release date until today, which turns out to be three days before the release date.

The Special Edition will include all already-released Overcooked DLC, which is all included in The Lost Morsel pack, including a new map, six new campaign levels, six new chefs and more.

The Nintendo Switch version will also make full use of the Joy-Con controller’s vibrating capabilities, affecting each controller individually for each player.