Final Fantasy XV’s Multiplayer Will Be Playable Next Week in Beta Form

Later this year, Final Fantasy XV will have a multiplayer mode added. In preparation, Square Enix is hosting a beta where thousands of players will be eligible to play.

Square Enix has announced that from August 3rd (5:00AM PT) to August 9th (12:00AM PT) a closed beta test will be available worldwide. Lobbies of up to four players can band together to complete quests, down enemies, and gear up their characters.

All players with a season pass or Digital Deluxe Edition will be eligible to participate at no cost.

As we covered earlier in the year, Final Fantasy XV‘s post-launch support has been remarkable. In the past six months we’ve seen major updates in addition to two DLC packages introduced, and there’s plenty more to come.

This multiplayer DLC is the most anticipated among players as it will allow a single-player Final Fantasy to be enjoyed with friends for the first time ever.