Try Out Pac-Man Vs. When Namco Museum Lands on Nintendo Switch

Namco Museum is making its way to the Nintendo Switch tomorrow via the Nintendo eShop, and when it drops you’ll be able to pick up and play several different Namco arcade titles. That’s including the multiplayer-centric Pac-Man game Pac-Man Vs., which is a great addition to the Switch’s repertoire since it’s meant to play with others.

You’ll also get Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga, Galaga ‘88, The Tower of Druaga, Rolling Thunder, Rolling Thunder 2, Sky Kid, Splatterhouse and Tank Force, which is a pretty eclectic mix of arcade games.

There’s some real potential here to have Namco Museum offer up a pretty varied mixture of games you can swap in and out on playing, just like you’re at the real arcade. But if you want to play Pac-Man Vs. as a multiplayer action title, you’ll need to download an app via the Nintendo eShop that will allow 1-3 players to join a single multiplayer session of the game. It has to be hosted by one Switch system so two instances of the game can run at once with only one copy of the game. That’s pretty handy.

The Namco Museum series has been known for its informative and very cool areas in-game set up like digital “museums,” as the title of the games imply, but it’s not very clear yet if this Switch iteration will continue that trend. That console would make a great home for an updated series of museum “exhibits” in-game, so we’ll have to check it out tomorrow when it drops. Happy arcade gaming!