Battlefield 1 Passes 21 Million Players

EA has released its quarterly financial report, and, more than anything else, it’s really good news for Battlefield 1. The company announced that, as of June 30, 2017, Battlefield 1 had more than 21 million players.

For context, this puts it right up there with other popular games, such as Overwatch, which recently crossed 30 million and Rocket League which passed 25 million. While certainly behind those other games, this is still surprisingly good news for a game that many thought got drowned out in the flurry of FPS releases during the last quarter of 2017, which included EA’s own Titanfall 2, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and more.

What’s better is that Battlefield 1 is about to get even more players, as Battlefield 1 will be added to EA and Origin Access, the $5/month subscription service that gives users unfettered access to a growing library of more than 50 games. Titanfall 2 will also be added to the vault, which is coming on August 1st. This means Battlefield 1 is likely coming to the Vault closer to September.

While Titanfall 2 may not have lined EA’s pockets, don’t count out the value of Battlefield 1.