Have A Decadent Carnage a Trois With The Final Agents of Mayhem Squad Reveal

Volition’s upcoming Agents of Mayhem is going to be a knock-down, drag-out battle royale, and there’s a whole new group of agents to meet still before the game launches on August 15. The latest trailer introduces Carnage a Trois, a triple-threat comprised of three powerful competitors that you won’t want to cross.

First up, ex-US Army Drill sergeant Braddock joins MAYHEM along with her “trademark cigar” to take out the trash as efficiently as her mortar strikes clear out the population of wherever she directs them. Then there’s Yeti, a Russian soldier who previously took part in a program designed to engineer “super soldiers” to face off against Legion.

If you’re thinking he looks just like Oleg from Saints Row, you’re not wrong — he used to be Oleg. That’s pretty creepy, actually. Then there’s roller derby bombshell Daisy, who’s got a foul mouth and powerful heavy weapons to back up her smart mouth. Put them all together and you get Carnage a Trois.

This might be my favorite agent reveal so far, especially since we’re essentially getting a rebirth of Oleg, one of the funnier characters from my Saints Row playthroughs. Seeing him again with a new shell is an interesting sight, and it makes me want to play with this group with that thought alone. But Daisy and Braddock have caught my eye as well, and I’ve got to admit Daisy is completely my aesthetic. I’m ready and willing to join this threesome.

Agents of Mayhem is expected to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 15.