Watch: Zelda: Breath of the Wild Recipes Made in Real Life (Monster Cake Included)

If you’re a foodie or a film buff, you’ve more than likely heard of the YouTube Channel Binging with Babish, where a man named Andrew Rea seeks out recipes prominently featured in movies and TV Shows, and he makes them. He’s made the Cubano Sandwiches from Chef, Jake’s Perfect Sandwich from Adventure Time, the Strudel from Inglorious Basterds and many many more.

Well today, he tackled his first video game, and it was a doozy: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which contains dozens of recipes, some more exotic than others. Using only three of these Breath of the Wild recipes, Rea choose to make Mushroom Risotto, Buttered Apples and even Monster Cake – all with actual goat butter. Watch for yourself below:

While making the Risotto and the Buttered Apples, he recreated Link’s outdoor cooking setup with a wok over a campfire. As for the Monster Cake, which, being one of the more exotic Breath of the Wild recipes, called for “Monster Extract,” Rea used Ube (purple yam) extract.

Another thing he used for the topping of the Monster Cake was not called for in the recipe: Durian. Durian is loosely called a fruit, and is known for its foul smell and taste being similar to garbage. But hey, you wanted Monsterous, right?

You can see more Binging With Babish at Rea’s YouTube Channel by the same name.