Thumper Is Bringing Its Unique Brand of Rhythm Gaming to Xbox One Soon

Thumper is an awesome game that plays well whether you play it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, or PC. And it’s going to continue to be awesome when it arrives on Xbox One this August 18, as developer Drool made public today.

For the uninitiated, Thumper takes you on a harrowing journey as a scarab-like beetle as you hurtle down a specific track. Set to thumping bass beats, you’ve got to avoid obstacles, employ catlike reflexes, and learn patterns to defeat bosses. There’s a lot going on all at once, and it can be very difficult to learn if you can’t multitask well.

While it’s intense enough to play outside of the realm of VR, virtual reality takes its many facets of heart-pounding action and amplifies them considerably. So if you do decide to play the new Xbox One version instead of the older versions, such as those with VR support, make sure you at least give the VR versions a try at some point.

For everyone else, you can pick up the Xbox One version next week on August 8. You’ll certainly be glad that you tried it out! If you’re interested, it’s also available on the Nintendo Switch, in a surprising turn of events.