Dusk Looks Like An Amalgam of All Your Favorite ’90s Shooters

There’s something refreshing and comforting about the upcoming shooter Dusk from New Blood Interactive. Intended as a love letter to the classic shooters of the ‘90s, the upcoming shooter will feature three episodes with 33 levels for you to blow through, armed to the teeth and ready to frag.

The latest trailer, “Welcome to Dusk,” shows off the game in its low-polygon glory, with retro graphics and influences cited from games like Doom, Hexen, Blood, Quake, and even Redneck Rampage. All of these games are classics, but let’s talk about Redneck Rampage, because I spent way too much time with that game when I was younger and I honestly would love to go back and play a sequel. If Dusk can deliver some of the goodness my favorite PC games of yore did, I’ll consider it a success. I mean, as long as it has ludicrous gibs I’ll view it as a success too.

The game will be showcased at Quakecon 2017 later this month, where its multiplayer mode will be introduced, which sounds like a pretty awesome prospect. It looks to hearken back to the simpler days of online shooters when you had to go through Heat.net or some other crazy old service just to get to the server you wanted to play on. Of course it’s not gonna make you do that. It’s gonne be awesome, though. And just looking at the new trailer I know it’s gonna be drenched in blood. And so are the other players.

Check out the trailer below ahead of the multiplayer reveal at Quakecon.