Watch Mario Go To Work In The Latest Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Trailer

The latest trailer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is just as colorful and zany as ever, showcasing some of the characters you’ll be playing as in-game. The first one is about Mario. Everyone’s favorite plumber, for instance, has several weapons and explosive finishers that look perfect for his personality type. He’s even got a hammer and a handcannon to cause some pretty explosive damage with.

Watch Mario as he stomps on his enemies, jumps from platform to platform, and utilizes some of the moves we’re familiar with from his own solo games. And boy, does he have a big arsenal of weapons to deal with too. There’s even a gun that’s skinned just like his Bee Mario outfit. Is there a Cat Mario gun somewhere in there too?

At the end of the trailer Mario stands triumphantly, proud of the havoc he’s caused. He should be proud. He’s successfully convinced us that a Rabbids game with characters from the Mario universe is going to be fun. I, for one, and ready to get my Mario on, even if there’s a weird Peach Rabbid who likes to take selfies.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is slated for release on the Nintendo Switch on August 29.