LawBreakers Is Suffering From Hitches and Stuttering on PlayStation 4

Boss Key Studios’ LawBreakers is available to play now on both PC and PlayStation 4, but if you’re looking for a smooth experience, you might want to opt for the PC edition for now. The PlayStation 4 version appears to be having some difficulties with hitching and freezing. After playing this morning during a few rounds on my own PlayStation 4 Pro, I can attest to these issues, which are currently pretty frustrating.

Players are reporting several instances of freezing and hitching during LawBreakers games proper, when things will keep freezing for use a slight moment. For a twitch shooter that requires you to stay on your toes at every opportunity, it’s just enough to be frustrating. I ran into it several times during a Blitzball round and a Turf War game, and it cost me a couple of kills because the split-second I experienced freezing my enemy had already gunned me down.

Luckily, Boss Key Studios and publisher Nexon are working on deploying a fix, and an in-game message states that the problem is happening when players either change roles or leave matches. I can report that I did neither of those things during my matches and I still experienced stuttering. Hopefully this gets resolved in a somewhat timely manner, because it’s not something players are exactly happy to see with the game officially out to the public now.

LawBreakers is also available on PC if you’re interested in a much smoother experience for the time being.