Cliff Bleszinski Autobiography Announced, Will Explore Boss Key Shutdown

LawBreakers was supposed to be Boss Key Productions‘ big debut but it ultimately led to the studio’s downfall instead. Studio founder Cliff Bleszinski has mostly kept mum on the events that transpired thus far, but it turns out that’s only because he is currently writing his autobiography. One of the chapters in the book will contain details on the founding and closing of his company.

There’s a reason why Cliff Bleszinski has avoided interviews since Boss Key Productions shut down in May 2018. He’s actually been writing about it in his book. Bleszinski recently tweeted a post which featured an excerpt from his autobiography. The tweet reads: “I haven’t done any interviews since Boss Key imploded because I needed to tell it in my own words, in my book. Did that today. Felt good, like that chapter in my life was finally closed.” Check out his tweet below.

In the excerpt featured in the tweet, Bleszinski mentions that writing the chapter about Boss Key Productions was “harder” than writing about the deaths of his father and nephew, as well as the end of his first marriage. The rest of the revealed excerpt tells the story of his early years in the industry, stating that “game development can be a very stressful business.”

Boss Key Productions managed to push out one completed game and one Early Access title in their four-year history. After the failure of LawBreakers, the developer released Radical Heights in April 2018 to capitalize on the battle royale phenomenon. It was a little bit too late and the following month Bleszinski announced that the studio was “effectively no more.” In June 2018, LawBreakers quietly became free-to-play, even though the developer initially insisted that doing so would have taken “publishing planning and resources.”