Community Wednesdays: Do You Think Half-Life 3 Will Ever Be Announced?

Following yesterday’s announcement of Artifact, at this point it appears that Half-Life 3 isn’t only not in development, but Valve has no interested in pursuing the sequel for the time being. If true, the reason for this is very unclear, although the company’s remarkable success in digital distribution offers a clue to where its resources are being allocated.

Naturally, Half-Life 3 discussion has once again found its way in the spotlight of the gaming community, and more specifically whether or not it’ll ever be announced. We want to know what your say is on the matter.

The rules for this week are:

  • Vote for whether or not you think Half-Life 3 will ever be announced.
  • Explain your position in the forum comments.

My answer: Half-Life 3 is a certainty given the incredible popularity of the franchise. No developer/publisher can ever ignore such an audience, such was the case of Square Enix announcing the seemingly impossible Final Fantasy VII Remake. I get the impression that Valve has been distracted by the development of Steam in addition to transitioning into an era where it’s responsible for the growth of two of the largest eSports titles in existence (Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). It will be moving into a bigger office next month, at which point it’s reasonable to assume that it will fill the space with more employees, and then consider working on AAA titles like it used to, including the possibility of a Left 4 Dead 3 and the like.

Head over to the official forum thread and let us know what you think.

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