Overwatch Is Adding Deathmatch to its Selection of Game Modes

Overwatch is adding Deathmatch to its Arcade mode, Jeff Kaplan announced today in the latest Overwatch Developer Update. If you want to test your might against others in terms of pure, unadulterated carnage, you might want to get your Overwatch practice on.

Just like every other deathmatch mode out there, you try to kill as many players as possible while in-game. You’ll be able to play with two different modes: the core Deathmatch mode that’s a free-for-all, you against seven other players in a map while using whatever hero you want as you try to rack up kills up to 20.

If you’re in the top four in each match, you’ll get win credit toward your loot boxes. Deathmatch even gets modifications of some of the Hybrid and Escort maps as well as portions of the Assault maps to accommodate Deathmatch.

There’s also a new map specifically created for free-for-all Deathmatch in the works rife with open areas, tight corridors and other mechanics. The map is home to Widowmaker, following her civilian life and lore of the character and her family estate in France.

Of course, there wouldn’t be a Deathmatch without a Team Deathmatch, with both teams vying for supremacy up to 30 kills. There are even boons for playing as certain characters, and the maps themselves draw from a different pool than the free-for-all variant.

Sound amazing? It does to us, too. Check out Kaplan’s full announcement here and get ready to spill some blood.