Friday the 13th: The Game Teases … Something

Friday the 13th: The Game has several new events on the horizon. There is the promise of new, smaller maps to favor a faster-paced mode. Soon, they will completely eliminate team-killing in the game. And, of course, there’s the ever-elusive single-player campaign mode that is still due for “Summer 2017,” despite the fact that the Summer season is rapidly coming to a close.

But none of that explains the incredibly cryptic Tweet just sent out by the official Friday the 13th: The Game Twitter account:

With no other context, this is little more than a really strange image, but the F13 community has a few theories. For one, there are seven circles of one color and one blue circle. This could represent the seven counselors vs Jason, as Friday the 13th: The Gameis a 1v7. If that is the case, this could be a teaser image for the upcoming single-player campaign.

In the perhaps more unlikely option, there are currently seven different Jason iterations, so the eighth might represent a new Jason. More hopeful fans are even thinking that, since the color is different, it’s a playable killer that isn’t Jason, meaning potentially Roy Burns from Friday the 13th: Part V or Pamela Voorhees from the original film.

At any rate, I’m sure we’ll find out soon, but, for now, get to theory crafting, and expect exciting things from the game.