Life is Strange: Before the Storm Introduces a New Digital Deluxe Edition

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is getting a Deluxe Edition, and if you’re looking forward to figuring out what happened with Chloe and Rachel, you might want to spring for the Deluxe Edition, which comes with a couple of extra goodies.

For one, the Deluxe Edition will come with the regular Standard Edition of the three-episode standalone game, a bonus episode where you get to play as Max Caulfield once more, a special Outfit Pack where you can choose between additional clothing for Chloe, and a new Mixtape Mode as well.

Mixtape Mode is interesting, as you can create your own playlist with the songs included in Life is Strange’s soundtrack and have it play alongside “cinematic” scenes. It’s not clear if it’ll only include songs from Life is Strange: Before the Storm, but it sure would be awesome if you could use Breton’s “Got Well Soon,” one of the songs from the first game’s Vortex Party.

You can preorder the Deluxe Edition right now via Square Enix for $24.99. It’s only a little bit more than the regular edition, so it’s worth a few extra dollars to play the episode with Max, where you’ll supposedly get to play with her “one last time.” That sounds particularly ominous. Plus, if you preorder, you’ll get the “Classic Chloe” outfit, which is a throwback look to the first game. Stylin’.

The game’s due out on August 31 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.