GameStop Sees Big Hardware Boost Due to Nintendo Switch Sales; Xbox One Sales Lag

We all know how sales of Nintendo consoles go: well for the company, but not so well for eager consumers who have to fight for them. But they also do very well for retailers. GameStop specifically reported today that sales of the Nintendo Switch have helped give the video game retailer a 14.8% boost in Hardware Sales over the second quarter of this year.

In the announcement of the second quarter results earnings report, GameStop reported that this boost in hardware sales was indeed “led by continued demand for the Nintendo Switch,” of which the company reports they now have the leading market share.

GameStop did not, however, have many favorable figures to report about the Xbox One. According to the report, Xbox One sales lagged during the same quarter. This could be due to a variety of factors that aren’t necessarily bad for the console or the company behind it. As has been widely reported, Xbox One games haven’t enjoyed the best heyday in the first part of 2017, where Sony and Nintendo exclusives have dominated in both sales and critical reception, while Xbox One exclusives have been largely absent.

The Nintendo Switch itself could also have eaten into Xbox One sales. The same could be said for the upcoming Xbox One X, as many gamers might be saving their console purchase for the next big thing rather than buy the hardware and software of the soon-to-be outdated Xbox One.