Join the Creation Club With Fallout 4 PC’s Latest Update

If you’re still exploring the wasteland of Fallout 4 on PC, you might have noticed the game got an update today. It turns out that it’s a pretty important update in terms of mods, as it’s the big one that finally adds in Creation Club, Bethesda’s replacement for the previous selection of paid mods.

For the uninitiated, Creation Club is a mixture of Bethesda’s attempt at monetizing mods for Fallout 4 to help creators earn money and to rake in some of that cash at the same time. In this, Bethesda can assist “top modders” in the community to create products that others will want to pay for.

Of course, there are specific rules that must be followed for anyone who joins the Creation Club. You can’t take a mod you already create it and start using it as a part of the club to retrofit it and start earning money on it. Any new content you create has to go through Bethesda’s own QA process and must work with all other mods. Fo this reason, Bethesda’s Pete Hines refers to mods as “mini DLCs” as they work similarly to Bethesda’s own release process.


Players will start out with 100 Credits with which they can pick out content to purchase on the platform for free, but will have to buy more with real-life money once that store has been exhausted. It’s an interesting system even if it does seem a bit flawed to begin with, but it’ll be intriguing to see it in action once it’s rolled out across games like Skyrim: Special Edition soon, later this year on PC and consoles.

The same update that introduces Creation Club also adds a few more tweaks to Fallout 4. You’ll need to head to your Steam betas menu in order to opt-in to the update for now, however, if you’re interested, and you can only try it out for now if you’re playing on PC.