Destiny 2 PC Beta Players Will Be Able to Head to the Farm Tomorrow

If you’re hard at work playing through the Destiny 2 PC beta right now, no longer plagued by saxophone errors or other frustrating messages, you might want to clear your schedule for a bit tomorrow, as The Farm, Destiny 2’s social area, is going to be live tomorrow, August 30, from 5-7 PM PT / 8-11 PM ET.

While The Farm was already available and showcased during the Destiny 2 console beta, PC players were previously unable to visit and see what the Farm had to offer. Now Bungie has announced PC players will have their turn in the sun briefly for tomorrow. You’ll be able to decrypt your Engrams, hang out with friends, buy stuff, and do a whole lot more there when the Farm is live in the real game proper, but for now you’ll be able to visit it on PC and get your bearings for when the game drops on PC in October.

There’s still other stuff to do during the beta if you’ve just gotten in, like trying out the first story mission, competitive multiplayer maps, a Strike, and more. But if you’ve been curious about the Farm social area and hadn’t had a chance to check it out until now, you might want to go ahead and jump online tomorrow to see what this whole socialization thing is all about. Now, there won’t be any barnyard animals to speak of, but at least it gets you a little more real estate to hang out in before the game releases in full.

Destiny 2 drops for PC gamers on October 24, but console players can jump in as early as September 6.