Switch and 3DS Nintendo Direct Coming This Week

Rumors popped up over the weekend (via NeoGAF) that a Nintendo Direct would be arriving sometime on Wednesday of this week. It came from the same NeoGAF user Vern that accurately predicted the surprising return of L.A. Noire this fall on modern consoles, including Switch no less.

The Nintendo Direct will be held the same hump day per usual, but at a later time than you would expect. Typically, these Directs happen earlier in the morning Pacific time, but this one will be happening at 3p.m. PDT/6p.m. EDT. What’s even more interesting is that it will last just under 45 minutes.

That makes it longer than any other Nintendo Direct this year, including the E3 media showcase that Nintendo held earlier this summer. According to Nintendo, it will be focusing on both Switch and 3DS titles coming out in the next few months, specifically new details regarding Super Mario Odyssey that releases on October 27th, 2017.

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More details have come from the Japanese version of the Direct, as it will last a total of 50 minutes and will not feature any mobile titles. Let the speculation begin. With the longer time slot and the rather swift pacing that recent Nintendo Directs have had this year, you might think that this could mean we will see a lot of new announcements, but that isn’t totally likely.

There may be a one or two new announcements, but since this is focusing on the rest of the year, it is more likely that this will be revolving around release dates and gameplay for already existing titles. A new level or world for Super Mario Odyssey can be expected, along with long-awaited release dates for major titles like Skyrim, Rocket League, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Nintendo Direct

You can also expect new gameplay/news from the aforementioned games, as well as from rapidly approaching releases like FIFA 18, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. The broadcast can be viewed live on Nintendo’s Twitch and YouTube, both of which have already been set up in time for Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 in case you want to sit there watching the same screen for the next two days.

What do you guys think? What surprise announcements would you like to see? Let the speculation train depart now in the comments below.