The Evil Within 2 Wears Its Silent Hill Influence on Its Sleeve in This New Trailer

The Evil Within 2 looks to be, in many ways, an improvement over its predecessor. That continues to be abundantly clear with each new trailer that releases, and the latest, “Race Against Time,” is no different.

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The latest glimpse we’ve gotten at The Evil Within 2 follows Sebastian Castellanos as he rushes to recover his daughter within the nightmarish world of STEM as the system begins to crumble around him. The trailer introduces antagonists like Stefano and Theodore, who are content with warping their own realities in the confines of STEM to get their way and alter things to their own liking.

As a result, Sebastian must deal with bizarre, grotesque monsters shambling about, entire sections of the highway that seem to have been inexplicably carved out in front of him, and deadly encounters that feel as though they were ripped out of Silent Hill or Resident Evil 7. It appears The Evil Within 2 is pulling no punches as far as its horror influences go this time around, and it’s going to be a decidedly more blood-curdling affair.

The Evil Within was an entertaining enough thriller, but it was sorely lacking in the kind of level design and enemy looks the sequel is bringing to the table. There’s a sense of the surreal that permeates everything in the clips that have been released so far, and this pivot to the eerie and bizarre over a police procedural setting is no doubt going to make for an entertaining change. It’s also going to be a whole lot bloodier.

It’ll be interesting to see what’s been altered to suit the game’s darker and decidedly crazier new direction, so we’ll keep our eyes open when the game finally lands Friday, October 13 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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