Resident Evil 3 remake demo trailer has first look at new cutscenes

The Resident Evil 3 remake demo ending has apparently popped up online and it gives us our first look at some new cutscenes from the game. After players complete the Resident Evil 3 remake demo, they’ll be treated to a trailer totaling less than one minute in length showing us things we haven’t yet seen.

As Pure PlayStation reports, YouTuber Denis Milher has somehow managed to get his hands on a short trailer that plays once you’ve completed the demo. As the subtitles are in Cyrillic script, it’s likely that someone in Russia immediately uploaded the trailer once they had access to it.

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Rather than get any sort of conclusion to the demo’s story, players get a quick rundown of clips from upcoming scenes in the game. A police station door is barricaded but broken down by zombies, causing Jill and Carlos to retreat. We see a few more intense action scenes and get a good look at some of the game’s other characters before the trailer comes to an end far too soon.

The demo for the RE3 remake launches today on all platforms. You can check out the Resident Evil 3 remake demo ending trailer below.