LawBreakers’ Player Count Drops Below 50 on Steam

LawBreakers is having a tough time of things. While the game reviewed well (we called it “the best shooter you won’t play” in our prescient critique early last month), it has struggled to maintain an active player base since launch, with it failing to garner a significant audience. Now it has reached its lowest low yet, with its number of concurrent players on Steam dipping below 50.

The data was collected by SteamCharts, which records the number of players for each Steam game. The stats reveal that on September 8th, 11th and 12th LawBreakers dipped below the 50 player mark, only attracting 48 – 49 players during these time periods. This puts it well out of the top 100 most played games on the platform, despite it being designed by legendary developer Cliff Bleszinski and receiving ample amounts of coverage prior to its release.

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Unfortunately, it’s incredibly unlikely that LawBreakers‘ fortunes are set to turn around any time soon. Its number of concurrent players now routinely rests between 100 – 200, and it seems that it will be only a matter of time before developer Boss Key is forced to make a drastic decision in an attempt to ensure that the game at least has a chance of remaining afloat.


Bleszinski previously claimed that he wasn’t troubled by LawBreakers‘ slow start, telling Eurogamer: “It’s a marathon not a sprint. I’d rather be the underhyped game that slowly ramps up into something that people adore than something that comes out with way too much hype that there’s a backlash for, which is why I think the Steam reviews are so positive.”

However, with LawBreakers having failed to garner any momentum since launch, it’s unlikely that Bleszinski is still happy with its slow start to life. It’s unclear where Boss Key plans to take the game in the future, but if they don’t act soon, there won’t be much of a future left for the FPS.