New Humble Bundle Spotlights Capcom, SEGA, and Atlus

In what is a rather surprising collection of cheap digital games, the newest Humble Bundle pulls together titles from across the various releases of Capcom, SEGA, and Atlus. This unique collaboration brings together a maximum total of 12 games, evenly split with four games from each of these three major Japanese publishers.

If you are unaware of Humble Bundle, it is a website that features an online PC store, but actually got its start providing collections of various video games (mostly PC or mobile titles) for whatever amount you want to pay. In this case, you can pay $1 or more (whatever you’d like) and that will unlock Steam game keys for five games: Rollers of the Realm (Atlus), Zeno Clash 2 (Atlus), Sonic Adventure 2 (SEGA), Bionic Commando (Capcom), and Citizens of Earth (Atlus).

When you checkout, you not only have the freedom to pay what you want, but you can decide how your pay is divided up between the Humble Bundle company itself, the three featured publishers, or a charity of your choice. For example: it can exclusively go to the publisher or charity or any mix between them.

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To unlock more than the five base games that are $1 or more, you have to shell out more money than the required minimum. There are two higher tiers to unlock and the first is above the average. Humble Bundle averages together all of the payments thus far and if you pay at least one cent more than it, you will unlock five more games in addition to the others.

Humble Bundle

Those games are Renegade Ops Collection (SEGA), Sonic Generations Collection (SEGA), Resident Evil 4 HD (Capcom), Dead Rising (Capcom), and Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (Atlus, also usable on Mac).

The final tier is for paying $12 or more. Doing this will grant you all of the 10 previously mentioned games, as well as the final two of the 12: Motorsport Manager (SEGA, also Mac and Linux compatible) and Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition (Capcom). All of the games in this Humble Bundle are rated as “mostly positive” or “very positive” on Steam. The average (as of publishing) is $6.19. This deal is available for the next two weeks through the Humble Bundle website.