Nintendo Switch’s Sales Are Not so Great in UK, But Still Better Than Xbox

Mostly every report discussing the Nintendo Switch details how it has been a roaring success for its manufacturer, but the console has reportedly been underperforming in the UK compared to other regions.

This news comes from Christopher Dring, a publisher for the reputable, who revealed that sales of the home / handheld console hybrid are slower in the UK when compared with the likes of the US and the Japan. Though this is to be expected, Dring’s note that the Switch is simply “doing ok” in the region suggests that it isn’t the hit with UK consumers that it is in other territories.

Despite this, the Switch is apparently still performing better than Xbox One, even though the Xbox One S is cheaper than the Switch and the Xbox brand has been more popular with UK consumers since the success of the Xbox 360. However, the PS4 predictably remains well ahead of its competition.

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“UK sales of Switch are slower compared with other markets. But doing ok,” Dring tweeted. “Currently ahead of Xbox One for the year (but well behind PS4).”


Though Dring didn’t offer any concrete figures, he revealed that “Switch UK figures are pretty low” and that this was not just the result of stock shortage in the region, but also due to low demand. He also added that while the gap between the PS4 and the Xbox One is closer than it is in other markets, Sony’s console is still “far away No.1 in the market.”

Nintendo likely won’t be too disheartened by the Switch’s sales in the UK, as the console seems to be performing very well in the larger markets and its numbers should reasonably improve once its stock issues are resolved. However, with the overwhelming narrative being that the Switch is a barn-storming success everywhere it has launched, it seems that there are still some regions that are less on board with the unique console.