Kirby Fans Get Two Reasons To Stay Excited About the Pink Puffball

Previously, during Nintendo’s E3 presentation, two new Kirby titles were announced, but few details were given about either one. Now, during today’s Nintendo Direct stream, we learned more about both games, with release dates and complete titles to attach these nebulous Kirby names to. If you felt the series was languishing previously and wanted to see more from everyone’s favorite pink vacuum-like character, rest assured that it’s coming.

First off, Kirby Battle Royale is an adorable brawler that’ll match up four Kirby players against each other in an area that will test each player’s skills until the last Kirby is finally standing. It’s a colorful, frenetic fighter that features several different versions of Kirby with several of his copy abilities and costumes, which should be recognizable from the trailer below. It’s launching all the way into next year on January 19 for Nintendo 3DS, so there’s plenty of time to wade through the rest of this year’s bombastic release cycle before diving in with friends to see who truly plays the best version of Kirby. Protip: It’s gotta be the cutest one. Probably not, don’t listen to me.

Next up during the presentation we learned about the upcoming Kirby Star Allies, which was previously essentially a nameless Kirby adventure. We had been calling it Kirby for Nintendo Switch during E3 2017, but fortunately it’s gotten a much catchier title since it was first introduced.

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This adventure is a more single player-focused affair, where our titular pink friend is bringing enemies into the fold to act as his “allies,” like the title of the game suggests. To that end, you can play by yourself or with up to three other friends, all the while mixing up and changing abilities as you progress through the game. It’s doffing the series’ adorable yarn look from Kirby’s Epic Yarn and is going straight for a classic Kirby offering, which could be just what the doctor ordered for fans. It’s launching sometime in spring 2018.

If you’re a fan of the adorable little sucker (pun intended), you’ve got plenty to look forward to, as evidenced during the Nintendo Direct show earlier today. What’s your favorite Kirby game, and which one of the new releases are you most excited to get your hands on? Kirby doesn’t even have hands. He’s got flippers. It’s a cruel world.