Final Fantasy XIV Details Housing Relocation Information

Earlier this month, we shared all of the latest announcements from the most recent Letter from the Producer that was hosted alongside the 14 hours long livestream in celebration of Final Fantasy XIV. You can check out all of that specific information about new actions, story, quests, and raids coming to the game in early October here.

This morning, Square Enix has given even more details about the new housing that is coming to Final Fantasy XIV with that same Patch 4.1 update. Among all of the new content is expanded housing and the ability to finally purchase homes outside of the original three city-states. In the newest major city Kugane from the recent expansion Stormblood, lies the new housing area called Shirogane.

Though the area is already open to be explored and scouted out for which home you would like to get, the actual ability to purchase lots there and build your house won’t be available until the patch. In the meantime, we’ve learned more about the exact process. Shirogane is divided up into 12 different wards, each with their own subdivision.

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As we previously reported, you will be able to move your current estate to one of these new wards rather simply. Beginning the process to relocate your property requires you to go to your preferred new land once the patch drops, interacting with the for sale sign, and choosing to purchase that plot. Doing this will open up the option to relocate your current property.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV will apply 30% of the value of your current plot towards the new one and, therefore, reduce the price of it. For a limited time, Square Enix is increasing the amount of furnishings that can transfer. The limit is now 400 indoor furnishings and 40 outdoor ones. All of them will be placed in a storeroom at your new location.

As soon as the transaction is complete, your old lot will be available to purchase for new owners. In the case of a Free Company estate, only members with the access to purchase or relinquish land will be able to move the estate to Shirogane or any other housing area. All of these features will go live in Final Fantasy XIV sometime early next month.