The Nintendo Switch Has Been Keeping A Hidden Gaming Secret

Nintendo has been hiding a secret from us when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, and you may be surprised to discover what it is. It seems that the company has been keeping an actual game under wraps ever since the Switch debuted, and it was only just now that home-brew creators who dug deep within the Switch’s operating system were able to find it. AS it turns out, has discovered that the 1984 Nintendo Entertainment System game Golf has been tucked into a secret area in the Switch’s OS.

The emulated version of Golf is hidden on every single Nintendo Switch as an emulated version of the original with motion support control that can allow players with up to two Joy-Cons. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the code is hidden within the innards of the system, there’s no way to make it playable on the Switch itself.

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It’s bizarre that this hidden game was able to be unearthed, however, before the Switch has anything comparable to a Virtual Console or anything that supplants it. It’s possible that this is a nod to what Nintendo is eventually planning on doing with a Virtual Console implementation in the future, as this is an example that best illustrates what exactly could come to fruition with any kind of Virtual Console in the future.

There’s currently a new subscription-based online service that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the future with the Nintendo Switch Online service that releases in full next year. It will offer one free game per month, with some offering online multiplayer options. It’s going to be an interesting service for players to rotate out their favorite games, but it doesn’t really explain why this game was hidden in the code. It could be a nod from Nintendo to the fact that hackers are always looking to poke around in its systems. Either way, it’s still a very cool find.