Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Multiplayer Expansion Is Launching on Halloween

Tokyo Game Show 2017 has barely kicked off, and we’re already seeing some big announcements coming down the pipeline. Square Enix has just announced, for example, that the “Comrades” multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV will be dropping on October 31, just in time for Halloween.

The Comrades expansion will find players stepping into the shoes of a member of the Kingsglaive, a survivor who has turned an eye to Noctis after a rather unplanned disappearance that happens later in the game (without spoiling too much, at any rate.) You’ll get to customize your own character, equip sigils to grant you power, and create your own groups of strike teams to handle various missions and questlines as you make your way through the stores of content promised for the expansion.

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You can play single or multiplayer quests in Comrades, so even if you’re not interested in going online and taking your show on the road with multiplayer mode, there’s still going to be plenty for you to do.

The expansion will be free to anyone who purchased the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass, and it can be bought separately for anyone who has Final Fantasy XV as well as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold memberships, as the expansion does revolve around online play.

Previously, the expansion was available in a closed beta test that ran August 3 and ran through August 8, which allowed players to get a feel for what all it may offer. It didn’t allow customizable avatars at the time, but players purchasing the content and hopping in when Comrades arrives in full will be able to play as their own custom creation, which is a big change for Final Fantasy games and the ones that came before Final Fantasy XV — except for the MMOs, of course.

Get all your trick-or-treating done, and then hop online to mess about in Eos this year. Sounds like a plan, right?