Gears of War 4 Developer Delays Mexico City Event, Donates Money to Earthquake Cause

The world has been assaulted by natural disaster recently, from Hurricane Irma in Texas to fires in California to earthquakes in Japan and Mexico City, and more. With destruction and death rampant in many of these locations, celebrities and corporations have begun donating money to causes involved in restoration projects.

Gears of War 4 developer The Coalition is next to join the long list, donating money to a relief effort in Mexico City. This is due to the various earthquakes and hurricanes that have hit the country recently. A Gears of War 4 Pro Circuit event was supposed to happen next month October 13th-15th, kicking off season two of its esports circuit.

Because of the disasters, the Gears of War 4 event in Mexico City has been postponed to an undisclosed new date in early 2018. “We are working closely with our partners to announce a new date as soon as possible,” the Gears of War 4 esports team stated.

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The season two kickoff in Mexico City will be replaced by an event in the United States sometime later this fall or even winter; no specific date or location was given. The money raised for charity is being redirected from an undisclosed portion of the recent Carmine Charity Pack that The Coalition hosted.

Mexico City

As of earlier today, it was confirmed (via The Guardian) that more than 230 people and counting are confirmed to be dead in the wake of the Mexico City earthquake that occurred earlier this week on Tuesday.

For those that have already confirmed travel and accommodations for the postponed Gears of War 4 event, The Coalition recommends contacting your travel provider. Many companies are offering refunds or exchanges in light of the unfortunate disasters that have happened recently.

Are you disappointed by this news of postponement? Do you agree with The Coalition’s decision regarding this sensitive matter? Let’s chat about it in the comments.