Blue Reflection Will Be 720p on PC, Koei Tecmo Confirms

Blue Reflection will feature a resolution of just 720p on PC, publisher Koei Tecmo has confirmed, despite the PS4 version of the game running at 1080p.

The news was revealed in a response to a question asking if the PC version of the game would boast the same visual quality of its PS4 equivalent. A representative of Koei Tecmo replied:

“Dear Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We prepare 2D images basically on the resolution of 1280*720 for BLUE REFLECTION Steam version, meanwhile 1920*1080 for PS4 version.

Therefore, if you play in the environment where the resolution is larger than 1280*720, the images are shown as stretched. We hope you will accept this.

We will consider conforming 2D images to a larger resolution, but cannot promise. We trust that you will understand our position in this matter.

We would like to close our correspondence for your inquiry.”

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The response was posted to the game’s Steam forum, where many expressed their frustration at Koei Tecmo for seemingly downscaling the RPG. “Srsly [Koei Tecmo]? Are PC players second class players? We pay the same prices and get a reduced quality despite more potential performance,” one user wrote. “This is a joke, right? Why do they destroy all GUST PC ports… That isn’t fair!”


“The only saving grace here is that they suggest they might update it to higher resolutions,” another user added, though Koei Tecmo hasn’t confirmed whether or not this will be the case, only that they will “consider” making the upgrade post-launch.

Blue Reflection is set for release on PC and PS4 in the US tomorrow (September 26), after initially launching in Japan for the PS4 and Vita in March.