Saddle Up With Epona and Other Legend of Zelda Goodies in Upcoming Monster Hunter Stories DLC

Monster Hunter Stories is an excellent Pokemon-like adventure that’s so far removed from the mainline Monster Hunter games that it must be played to be believed. That’s why it’s so interesting that The Legend of Zelda is crossing paths with the game in the form of a few adorable pieces of DLC. In an add-on launching on September 28, Link, Epona, and plenty of other goodies straight out of Hyrule will be made available for you and your monster friends.

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The Zelda items will adapt to the game’s kid-friendly and cartoonish aesthetic, adding Link’s faithful horse Epona as a new “monster” that you can not only ride, but utilize during battles. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, however. You’ll also get special clothing for your custom character in the form of the Master Sword, which can be equipped as a weapon, and Link’s signature tunic.

In what may be one of the cutest things to have ever graced Monster Hunter in a main entry or otherwise, you’ll be able to outfit your Felyne pals with Majora’s Mask and other fun costumes. You’ll have to check it all out in the video below, which does a decent job of showing off what you can expect to see from the newly Monster Hunter Stories-ified DLC items. It’s not the Sailor Moon items that were recently available for other Monster Hunter titles in Japan, but it’s still pretty awesome.

If you’re interested in playing the game, know that it’s an extreme departure from the original Monster Hunter series, aimed more at a wider audience than its predecessors. With that said, it’s still very much an adventure worth taking, even if you’re buried in Pokemon Gold or Pokemon Silver right now. It’s something you’ll want to carry along with you and play a lot, trust me.