Nyko Reveals Wireless Controller for SNES Classic Edition

The long-running console accessories manufacturer Nyko has revealed today a new wireless controller that will be coming out soon. The Super Miniboss controller is designed specifically for the Super NES Classic Edition.

As you may sadly know, Nintendo only offers two wired controllers for the upcoming SNES Classic. Though they measure two feet longer than the original NES Classic controllers – which are also compatible with the system – this only totals around five feet in length.

That is certainly a painfully low number for many consumers that are used to the wireless controllers featured in modern consoles, including Nintendo’s own Switch. Nyko is making up for that with its Super Miniboss controller. It is wireless, utilizing an included dongle that features the same Wii-based connection as the SNES Classic’s controllers.

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Nyko has designed the controller to look very similar to the original SNES one that is already included with the Classic. It is a follow-up on its NES Classic third-party controller, with a few additions. It features precise buttons, a dedicated turbo mode, home screen functionality, and a high-quality D-Pad.


Chris Arbogast, Nyko’s Director of Sales and Marketing, provided a statement on the controller: “Our original Miniboss wireless controller for the NES Classic allowed gamers to break free from the limitations of a wired controller and play from the comfort of their couches, and we wanted to extend this experience to the new SNES Classic Edition.”

The Nyko controller is designed to do everything that the standard Nintendo-made controllers do and more. It is currently available for preorder at Gamestop and the official Nyko website, with Amazon to soon follow.

It is being sold for $19.99 and will begin shipping right around the time of the SNES Classic’s launch. The system releases this week on September 29th, so Nyko will begin shipping the Super Miniboss sometime around then.