The Game Journalist Who Was Bad at Cuphead Has Given it Another Shot

Earlier this month the internet was outraged when game journalist Dean Takahashi uploaded a video of himself being really bad at Cuphead. The video, recorded during a preview session at Gamescom, saw Dean struggling to manage the tutorial before dying repeatedly during its first level. It was a comedy of errors, but the internet didn’t see the funny side and a whole bunch of people got really, really mad about it.

Now Dean is back, staging Dean Hard II: Dean Harder by once again tackling Cuphead‘s tutorial and first level, and he only goes and bloody nails it. Now I’m not expecting Dean to go MLG Pro with Cuphead any time soon, but fair play to the guy for uploading a sequel to the gameplay footage that saw him become a human target everywhere from Reddit to 4chan. Not many people would decide to continue down the same road that saw a barrage of internet dwellers angrily email their employer en masse, but here Dean is, bravely uploading 4 minutes of him playing a video game and waiting for the inevitable arrival of people telling him to quit his job. 2017 is weird.

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Describing his thoughts on the footage, Dean said (via VentureBeat): “This week, I got a code to play the final game. In the comfort of my hope, I fired up my Xbox One. I got to the tutorial and took a deep breath. I concentrated and took a run through it. I got past the air dash quite easily, but then I stalled at the jump and parry. I got through it a bit slowly but survived the tutorial. Then I took a second run at the tutorial, and did a little bit better. That’s what you see in the video below. It’s not perfect, but it’s not quite as terrible as my first time through it.”

So there you have it. Dean is back in town, and this time he’s keeping hold of those hit points and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Watch the video below: