Call of Duty: WWII PC Beta is Full of Hackers

The Call of Duty: WWII PC beta has reportedly become infested by hackers, with cheating players making use of aimbots in order to gain a huge advantage over their opponents.

A Reddit post first shone a light on the issues the PC beta was having, with user JarekBloodDragon writing: “It’s becoming more and more difficult to find a game in the WW2 open beta without there being an incredibly obvious hacker not trying to hide it.” The post included the following Twitch clip of a player using an aimbot to take out several members of their rival team:

Similar footage has also been uploaded YouTube:

Players on the Call of Duty: WWII Steam forum have also been discussing the high number of hackers, with some reporting that they’ve encountered individuals using aimbots in the majority of their games.

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Since the complaints were brought to light, an entire subreddit has been set up to root out cheaters in the game. Over the past few days, r/WWIICheaters (an unfortunate but nonetheless relevant title for the forum) has seen users submitting a variety of clips of players cheating in the game, with more continuing to appear.

Though a beta is obviously intended to iron out issues prior to a game’s launch, many are understandably concerned that Activision and Sledgehammer Games may struggle to prevent hackers from infiltrating the game when it releases on November 3rd. Hopefully this won’t be the case, and its creators will introduce methods to prevent cheating when Call of Duty: WWII hits store shelves.