Multiplayer Returns to the Original Star Wars Battlefront II Today

The much remembered Star Wars Battlefront II is getting another breath of life today, as PC online game seller GOG (Good Old Games) has announced that multiplayer for it has returned. Before you ask, yes, this is the original Battlefront II that launched first on PC, Xbox, and PS2 back in 2005. Not that other one that come out in just over a month.

With confusion now out of the way, any gamers that still own the shooter on PC through Steam or GOG will automatically be able to play in up-to-64 player online battles across all of its maps from both the original and prequel universes starting right now as of publishing.

Battlefront II lost its online functionality just a few years ago in 2014 when the major third-party service GameSpy shut down, leaving countless games offline from then on.

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Several community-run teams since then have taken it upon themselves to provide their own online services for Battlefront II like GameRanger. Though this was a welcome solution for the last few years, you no longer have to download any third-party software to play online.

Battlefront II

This is all conveniently ahead of the other Star Wars Battlefront II’s beta that begins later this week. For those that preordered the 2017 game that’s not to be confused with the 2005 one, you will be able to play it online this Wednesday. Everyone else will be able to jump into the open beta when it starts this Friday through next Monday.

Until the full release of the new Battlefront II (still with us?) on November 17th and beyond, you will have the ability to play the original game online. There is no telling how long GOG will keep the servers on, but that is most certainly dependent on how many players are jumping back in.

As for legal matters surrounding this, GOG has confirmed that it went through the proper channels to reach a thumbs-up from Disney on this matter. In celebration, Battlefront II is on sale on its website for $3.99.