Halo Mixed Reality Experience Coming Later This Month

You don’t hear much these days about the mixed reality headsets that Microsoft announced a couple of years back at E3, but that changes today with the announcement of a key addition to the software lineup for the Hololens and other Windows VR headsets.

Microsoft is bringing its most successful franchise Halo to VR and mixed reality with an “experience” that launches later this month for the low, low price of free. For the first time ever, you will be able to immerse yourself in the Halo universe as if you are really in the year 2558, fighting alongside and against unfamiliar alien species.

Entitled Halo Recruit, Kiki Wolfkill announced the experience today in a blog post on the official Halo website. In a partnership with studio Endeavor One, 343 Industries is officially creating this Halo experience for all Windows mixed reality headsets.

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Kiki goes on to admit in the post that she was personally “skeptical” about VR and MR when they first became a “thing.” Despite this, 343 Industries is now “passionate about the potential” of mixed reality and Halo Recruit is its first “dip” into the realm.


While it is unknown if this will lead to more Halo mixed reality experiences, fans can look forward to Halo Recruit very soon. Unfortunately, it won’t be a full game or even minigame, so don’t get your hopes completely up. Instead, it is more akin to the Star Wars and Spider-Man experiences that have come to VR recently.

Halo Recruit is supposed to only last around five minutes, which is seen in its absolutely free price tag. You will be able to download it on the PC Windows Store on October 17th. Of course, to access it you will have to own one of the Windows mixed reality headsets. You can purchase a developer edition MR headset on sites like HP.