Freddy Krueger Rumored to be Next Dead by Daylight DLC Character

A new rumor and development has arisen surrounding the popular horror asymmetric survival game Dead by Daylight. Via NeoGAF, we have found out that PC dataminers have searched through the data files for the PC version of the game and found out who the next DLC character will be.

Last month, they mined the latest patch that recently released and discovered files that mention that the famous dream-killer Freddy Krueger will be coming to Dead by Daylight. The files contain various information on him, including his codename: The Sandman.

Every previous character in Dead by Daylight – including other famous ones like Michael Meyers – have always had their own codename that fits their persona or killing method. The Sandman fits Freddy Krueger perfectly, as that is a common mythical figure from Western and Northern Europe.

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The Sandman is known to sprinkle magical sand on children that have a hard time sleeping. It is an ironic title that fits hand-in-hand with Freddy’s nighttime murder methods. There are more evidence hidden in the files regarding the potential addition of him.

Dead by Daylight

His weapon is his Clawed Glove and his ability is something called “Dream Master.” There are no hints as to what that mysterious and eerie-sounding ability could be, but the miners did find some sound files that make their claims much more plausible.

You can listen to the minute and a half compilation of all his sound effects here. Among his grunts and laughter, there is also the Freddy Krueger song that will probably be hummed when he comes closer, similar to the Huntress.

Last month, Dead by Daylight added its latest horror movie star Leatherface to the PC version before bringing it to consoles just three weeks later. That was a much shorter turnaround than the other DLC chapters, so if and when Freddy Krueger is officially announced, it shouldn’t be too long of a wait between PC and consoles.