Sega’s Zelda-like Beyond Oasis Now Available on Mobile

The Sega Forever line of mobile games have been reviving dead or classic titles from the grave and bringing them to Android and iOS everywhere. The newest to grace us with its presence for free on mobile devices is Beyond Oasis. Sega’s answer to The Legend of Zelda, this Genesis (Mega Drive for our European friends) title was one-of-a-kind for Sega fans.

While the SNES had A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana, Sega published its own rival to both of those December 1994 before bringing it West the next year. In it, you play as Prince Ali as he uses his gold armlet to travel the world in hopes of defeating the evil villain wielding the silver armlet.

Beyond Oasis was ambitious, allowing you to collect and summon four unique elemental spirits – Water, Fire, Shadow, and Plant – to aid you with their powers on your journey. In addition, there are mini-games that grant bonuses to your character.

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The gameplay of Beyond Oasis plays out similar to The Legend of Zelda series with upgrades to collect, magic to use, and maps to explore across the tried-and-true tale of saving the world. Much like Nintendo’s action adventure series, the bosses are memorable with colorful designs that are a reminder of the golden age of 16-bit games.

Beyond Oasis Screenshot 2

Joining the ranks of Sega classics like Sonic the Hedgehog and Altered Beast, Beyond Oasis is now available through Sega Forever. According to Sega, it will begin launching over the next few hours (as of publishing) in each country. It is completely free of charge to download and play, due to the addition of ads in-game.

Like the other Sega Forever games, you have the option to turn off advertisements in Beyond Oasis by simply paying a one-time sum of $1.99. You can download it here on Google Play for Android devices, while it still has yet to arrive on App Store.