This Destiny 2 Iron Banner Overwatch Easter Egg Will Only be Found by the Best

Destiny 2 and Overwatch are both published by Activision Blizzard, but they had no connection, at least until now. The new Iron Banner mode for Destiny 2 holds a secret reference to Overwatch, but only the best players will get a chance to hear it.

The Overwatch reference in Destiny 2 comes when players accomplish quite a feat. You’ll have to get a 20-person kill streak to hear it. Once you’ve taken down the 20th person in a row without dying, you’ll hear Lord Saladin say, “Die! Die! Di- Sorry I’ve been watching too many Iron Banner matches.”

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This easter egg references the Overwatch character Reaper, who says, “Die! Die! Die!” when his ultimate is activated. The secret audio clip is made more tongue-in-cheek since the actor that voices Reaper, Keith Ferguson, also voices Lord Saladin.

You can listen to the clip without getting a 20-person killstreak in YouTuber Wayne Ng’s video below.

(Skip to around 00:15 to hear it.)

If you want to access the Overwatch Destiny 2 easter egg yourself, you’ll need to get familiar with how The Iron Banner works.

Destiny 2: How Iron Banner works

The Iron Banner returned to Destiny during yesterday’s weekly reset, albeit with some changes from the original. There’s no Light level advantage now, so you’ll find it to be a more skill-based affair. Access to Iron Banner gear is simplified as well.

Instead of working through five ranks, each taking quite a bit of time to get through, you just have to collect Iron Banner Tokens by completing matches. If you win a round, you get five tokens, and if you lose, you get two.

There’s quite a bit of Iron Banner-exclusive gear to be won, but you only have until Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 5 a.m. ET/2 p.m. PT to get it.