Elysium VR is the “First VR MMORPG”, Looks like Roblox’s Version of GTA Online

For anyone wanting more virtual reality in their life, Elysium VR might be for you. This title has gone roughly under-the-radar in the gaming community, despite its claims to be the first “massively multiplayer and role play project for virtual reality.”

Recently, the developers Project Elysium have shown off some in-game footage of the VR title for anyone interested in playing online with massive groups of people. Though it is labelled as pre-alpha footage, it seems very similar in artstyle to games like Roblox, while reminiscent of the gameplay in GTA Online.

Elysium VR takes place in an open-world with various areas throughout, such as tundra, snowy mountains, forests, steppes, and desert. In it, you create your own character on a server and can basically do whatever you want. You have the opportunity to shoot guns in combat or fly airplanes, drive cars, and pilot boats across its terrain.

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According to its official website, players will join servers with more than 500 members each, with the total freedom to play as whoever they want and however they want, similar to Grand Theft Auto V’s GTA Online. You can work for the government as a police officer or firefighter, or run on the opposite side of the law in a gang.


For those that want a simpler and less chaotic lifestyle, there is the option to mine for materials and build property to own or rent out to other players, and even create your own thriving business. The footage also shows the player having needs that must be met, such as food and water, with it all taking place in virtual reality.

Neither its website nor Twitter have revealed any more details on release date, platforms, or much else. On the bright side, a closed alpha is planned for this winter.

Opinion: Elysium VR doesn’t look that great from a technical standpoint, but if everything works the way the team claims it will, it will certainly be an unique experience for VR owners. Though Roblox looks terrible graphically, I have fun with its quirky gameplay and Elysium VR could end up being a similar product with its promise of freedom.