Spelunky 2 Revealed at Paris Games Week

Spelunky 2 was revealed during PlayStation’s Paris Games Week event today, with the upcoming sequel announced in the presentation’s pre-show.

Spelunky 2 follows on from the hugely successful indie roguelike, finally providing a sequel to the 2012 game. Once again developed by Mossmouth, the game is set to launch on PS4, though no confirmed release date has been given.

No gameplay footage was shown, but the game appears to follow on from the events of the first Spelunky, and will seemingly see players controlling the son of the Spelunky Guy.

“Gold sought and found. Real treasures found, new adventures neverending. Following in fading footsteps, looking to the skies. The walls are shifting once again,” the trailer reads, showing a series of Polaroid images depicting Spelunky Guy having a son and, seemingly, dying. We did not expect a gut punch this early on a Monday, Mossmouth.

Watch the trailer below: