World of Final Fantasy PC Release Date Revealed

World of Final Fantasy will be coming to PC on November 21, with Square Enix’s RPG finally coming to the platform after releasing on consoles last year.

World of Final Fantasy originally made its way to the PS4 and PS Vita last October, where its more family-friendly take on the classic franchise garnered a relatively positive response. Though we weren’t blown away by it in our review, enough people were on board with the game that it’s now being introduced to a brand new audience, with PC gamers now getting the chance to experience the RPG on their platform of choice.


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The game includes a unique hook for veteran Final Fantasy fans, with it featuring a slew of characters from across the series’ history all joining in on the same adventure. Exploring the beautiful but troubled Grimoire, the heroic twins Lann and Reynn will meet a bunch of familiar faces on their journey, who will help them on their mission to thwart the evil Bahamutian Army.

In our review of World of Final Fantasy, we called it an “entertaining game” that nonetheless struggled to re-invoke the “open-world exploration, interesting characters, and epic stories” of the best Final Fantasy games. However, Final Fantasy fans on PC will nonetheless appreciate its tight combat system and the chance to experience its world with a brand new, Chibi-esque look.

Check out the World of Final Fantasy trailer below: