PUBG Creators Apologize to Community For Failing to Combat Cheaters

PUBG‘s Development and Community team have apologized to the game’s players, after admitting that they had failed to adequately deal with its cheaters.

The team posted a statement to Steam in which they addressed complaints regarding cheaters in the game, in which they acknowledged that the community has “not been able to enjoy PUBG in a safe and fair environment.” Additionally, the PUBG team have noted that they will be rolling out new anti-cheating measures, and while they concede that their efforts to prevent cheaters from playing the game will be an uphill battle, they are putting in the research to establish an improved system for tackling this problem.

Read the full statement below:


First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the cheaters and we are sorry that you have not been able to enjoy PUBG in a safe and fair environment. Our development team is doing their best to detect and ban those who use cheats in a more proactive manner. We are aware that we still have much to do. We will use all available resources to combat cheaters and foster a safe and fair in-game environment. We will also continue to take actions against those who develop and distribute cheats. 

As we announced before, we are in the process of adopting new tools to detect and verify users with unusual gameplay patterns and today, we will be rolling out additional measures. We will continue to permanently ban those who are using cheats. When unusual gameplay patterns are detected from an account, that account will be temporarily suspended and investigated.

Although we hope to bring about a safe and fair environment in PUBG as soon as possible, our battle against cheaters will not end overnight. We will continue our research and development to establish a better system for combatting cheaters. We will take stronger actions to find and ban cheaters, while at the same time taking good care to not harm innocent players. Next week, we will be deploying yet another patch related to cheat detection.

Again, we would like to assure you that we will continue our efforts to shape a healthy environment in PUBG. Your feedback is crucial for us in banning cheaters and combatting the use of cheats. We will be listening to your feedback as we continue to build our anticheat system and adopt new measures.

Thank you.

The PUBG Development and Community Team”

The official PUBG Twitter account also posted a statement regarding the game’s cheaters, tweeting: “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the cheaters and promise to take stronger actions against them going forward.”

PUBG will officially come out of early access on PC in December, alongside the game’s launch on the Xbox One on December 12th. This 1.0 update will mean that the full game will have officially released, with players expecting the current issues with it to have been ironed out before this date.